Open Source Links: 11-07-2007

OSCON Thu 26.7.2007: “The MySQL Architecture of Participation – Kay is going to talk about how MySQL will try to lower the threshold for external developers to contribute to MySQL.

Gobuntu is… go – The freedom-focused flavour of Ubuntu, named “Gobuntu” is live.

Can SourceForge style the self-support of open source? – Alex Fletcher sees SourceForge Marketplace as a viable development tool for the enterprise. Both the open source community and the company could benefit of it, he says. I totally agree.

Returns on open source VC investments – Savio tells us more about VCs investments.

LanguageTool: Open Source Language Checker – open-source, rule-based language checker, it can be imported into via the extensions manager.

Ubuntu receives Readers’ Choice Award for the “Best Linux Distribution – (PRWEB)

A history of transparency – Patrick Mueller, Senior Technical Staff member at IBM, talks about his experience with “transparency” over IBM’s product development process.

OpenMoko’s open source mobile phone an iPhone alternative? – Ben Balbo writes about OpenMoko Neo 1973, just released to the public.