Open Source Marketplace: SourceForge Advisory Board welcomes me!

Recently Ross Turk, SourceForge Community Manager, visited me in Rome to find out more about how could better serve Italian open source communities, developers and users, and we talked a lot about SF Marketplace.Hence, I received the following invite:

Hey Roberto!

We’re looking for a select group to advise us on the Marketplace. Because you are a reputable, knowledgeable member of the open source community and we trust and value your opinion, we’d be honored to have your guidance in the first crucial phase of this initiative. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join the Advisory Board.

Exclusive invitationThe road less traveled by Dolinski

I am really honored to join the Advisory Board, and I am pretty excited to participate the SF marketplace start-up process. As far as I understand the board will continue to meet regularly on line, in order to be updated and also to give feedbacks.

Once again, we’ve hand-picked you because we think you can give us invaluable guidance on an initiative that we believe has the potential to push open source further into the mainstream. We are dedicated to making this the best it can be for the benefit of anyone interested in buying or selling open source services.

Ross, early adopters will be CIOs able to try new approaches, may be taking the road less traveled, and I will do my best to help you to reach them!

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