Open Source Marketplace: SourceForge Marketplace about to launch

I just received an email from team, advising me about a new feature to buy or sell services for Commercial Open Source on

forging Forging by stefmaxwell

Dear community member,

As an active participant in the Open Source community, you may be excited to learn about a new feature that we will add to in late
spring/early summer. This feature will allow you to buy or sell services for Open Source software on

Interested? Follow the link below and we’ll keep you updated as we move towards the official launch of this feature:

Thank you for your continued support,
The Team

Sourceforge’s marketplace apparently will be soon released, and I believe it is great time to, and no one is in the position to do it effectively as they are.

They also opened a position for a Senior Marketing Manager, Marketplace in Fremont, California. In the meanwhile they invite all SourceForge users to fill in a simple form, a sort of marketplace interest list.

VA Linux’s quarterly report contains many forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. The software segment, focusing on SourceForge Enterprise Edition products and services, despite the increase in the number of customers, is of little importance nowadays, being less than 10% of the last quarterly results. It worth to notice that sales were primarily to customers located in US.

Considering that their network of web sites serves more than 30 million unique visitors monthly I believe that they can easily open up new markets acting as the mediator.

I wish them best of luck in the near future!

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