About Contributing to Apache OpenOffice

Over the last 4 years I’ve been lucky enough to be paid for volunteering for Apache OpenOffice, and I wish to take a moment to thank SlashdotMedia and Geeknet, to allow me to turn my passion in my daily job. It has been a long journey getting to this point and I have learnt so much. Understanding and eventually embracing ‘the Apache Way’ was key to engage with the Apache OpenOffice community, and not only for that.

Now, getting back to the original topic, let me share with you some news about Apache OpenOffice Extensions and Templates sites.

aooe_homeThe new Extensions home has a strong focus on the search box, a brand new logo and overall a redesigned look and feel where all menu items have icons for better readability.





aoot_homeThe new Templates home. Similarly to Apache OpenOffice Extensions site we have redesigned the look and feel of Apache OpenOffice Templates site. Different colors are used to highlight to which application a given template might be applied.





aooe_creationThe new administrative interface. We have been thinking of Extensions’ authors too, and we added a bar at the top that links to the most common actions. We also improved the GUI, making it more intuitive for uploading extensions.





aooe_searchThe search has been completely redesigned too. It worth to mention that there are other changes here and there, including an alert for outdated extensions that provides an easy way to contact the original author.