OpenMoko: the integrated OS Mobile communications platform

Two days ago I got distracted by the Apple’s announcement, while already exists an Open Mobile Communications development platform named OpenMoko, announced by the Open Source in Mobile Conference, held in Amsterdam’s on the 7th of November 2006. OpenMoko is a spin-off of Taiwanese computer First International Computer.

As observed the concept of the mobile phone NEO1973, likely to be the first 640×480 screen phone available in the U.S., is based on OpenMoko, and it’s quite similar to the iPhone, where the latter is more stylish.

OpenMoko is based on 2.6 Kernel, has layered an application framework, interface layer, and a few basic programs (dialer, address book, and message application).

The application framework and the application manager are the key, as Moss-Pultz, OpenMoko head, explained 3,500 applications could be adapted.

Developers are warmly invited to participate:

Whoever writes the most popular application gets a free phone, that sort of thing.

OpenMoko plans to make money by certifying applications, but users might choose to get them from uncertified communities’ applications.
At the international CES, held in Las Vegas from the 8th of January till the 11th, developers large and small have come together bringing thousands of open source applications to the mobile phone, read the full story.