Open Source Catalogue 2007, by Optaros

Optaros, a consulting and systems integration firm offering customers assembled solutions using open source software and open standards source, just released a guide under a Creative Commons license (made available also by LWN) reviewing what they consider the 262 best open-source applications.

The objective of Optaros’ Open Source Catalogue 2007 is to give IT decision makers navigation support by listing the most relevant, useful and enterprise-ready open source platforms, components, frameworks and solutions in an easy-to-read overview.

Projects are listed in four different categories:

  • operating systems and infrastructure,
  • application development and infrastructure,
  • infrastructure solutions,
  • business applications.

While the selection and the rating system is based on Optaros’ experiences and the interaction with open source communities and companies, Dave Rosenberg said it would be better suited to a Wiki style of editing.

Bruno von Rotz, Optaros vice president who authored the report, wrote:

The Open Source Catalogue is not intended to replace detailed evaluation or proof of concepts, but provide some help to conduct a first selection.

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