Cloud Expo Europe and the Open Cloud Manifesto

Cloud Expo Europe 2009 – Cloud Expo Europe will take place in Lodon, 20th & 21st May in London.

Speakers from Amazon, Deloitte, Google, IBM, Red Hat and many more will be presenting at a conference, included Jon ‘maddog’ Hall and Bill Weinberg. Listening to Jon at VON Europe was a pleasure, I am sorry to the event and his speech.Matthew Aslett speaking about ‘How to make millions from open source‘ is another speech I’d love to hera, and last but not least the debate around the Open Cloud Manifesto.

Amazon won’t be signing on the upcoming Open Cloud Manifesto, Microsoft complains about the closed process used to write the Manifesto, Sam Johnston of the Cloud Computing Community offers a community wiki. Reuven Cohen, coauthor of the Manifesto at a google group invites to join the discussion.

The Open Cloud Manifesto will be published Monday.