Open Source Jobs: Are They Hot or Not?

Savio Rodrigues cleaned up an old blog post retitling it after a tweet from Bob Sutor, to tell people interested in open source to not consider just Red Hat and alike, but think also go work at IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Tibco, etc.

Many IT jobs call for open source skills, and also Matt Asay called for the shortage of open source talent. What about average salary of open source jobs?

Andrew Ross – Director of Development at Ingres and President of the Free and Open Source Software Learning Centretook a look at the IT job market in the New York city area, to see how open source fares against closed source.The result is that there is a demand for Linux and other open source technologies, but often average salaries for proprietary leaders are higher.

Looking at revenues, Italian IT service companies offering a mix of closed and open source software show the highest revenue per person (196.418 euros), and on average 58% of their revenues come from open source related activities. It is further to be noticed that pure open source service companies on average show a very low revenue per person (35.586 euros). [source: VIU research].

Taking part in open source projects can boost your carrier, and there are a number of reason to build your resume with open source contributions if you are unemployed. If you are looking for a open source job, be sure to go with a company (or a division within a company) seeing open source as a strategic weapon.