Open Source e-Government? No, thank you! by Renato Brunetta

Renato Brunetta, Italian Minister of Public Administration and Innovation, two days ago disclosed his plan for Innovation. Open Source is not mentioned, as well as there is no mention of cloud computing.

The Italian e-gov plan is contained in two power-point presentations, and seems not taking in any consideration the most up-to-date trends in the ICT sector.

Paolo Zocchi, recently appointed coordinator of the Italian Democratic Party Innovation Laboratory instituted by the Shadow Minister for Public Administration and Innovation, commented:

Brunetta’s e-government plan does not contain any element of innovation and no relationship with the most up-to-date trends in the ICT sector all around the world. We are facing in the next years a big shift from network computing to cloud computing: this process will be the key to give a new impulse to the global economy and will redefine dramatically the ICT market. It is very important that the governments will be very open to this evolution; in the case of the italian government, it seems very far away from adopting this view and from perceiving the needs of a dynamic informational society.