Open Source Links: 22-07-2007

IEEE group changes voting rules – Bob Sutor mentioned IEEE changing rules to prevent steamrolling, I am afraid is a very hot topic, whatever are your guts about the File Format War, the OOXML and the ISO/IEC JTC1 Fast Track process is a sad story..

Alfresco: Competing in the Enterprise – John Powell, Alfresco’s CTO, said that he would guess that about 10 percent of Alfresco’s code was contributed by other people. Is that for real?

Free Software acquisition by governments – Stefano Maffulli is looking forward to see Pietro Folena‘s laptop equipped with Free Software, while I am waiting to interview him about the lower chamber of the Parliament moving to Linux. Is that for real?

Patents don’t pay – I am glad too to be based in Europe where software patents are not allowed, so far.

Our commitment to open broadband platforms – Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt wrote a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, saying that, should the FCC adopting openness principles for the benefit of consumers, Google intends to commit at least $4.6 billion to bidding for spectrum in the upcoming 700 Mhz auction.

Poor Man’s BI: Getting Started with Open Source Tools for Analytic Intelligence – The “poor man’s BI” with a combination of Python, PostgreSQL, and R can deliver value along significant points of the BI lifecycle, said Steve Miller.

The CIO Conundrum – CIOs of a large company see decreasing by about 4% their budget, says Anthony Gold, and Open Source can greatly help in his opinion. I would like to see his presentation.

Thoughts on Software Advisory Boards – James McGovern on Advisory Boards, I totally agree, and I am eager to participate to my first meeting.

My UbuntuLive Talk – Stephen O’Grady slides on Ubuntu, have a look.