Licensing: MySQL decided to stay with GPLv2

MySQL on the 22th of December refined its licensing scheme from GPLv2 or later to GPLv2 only.

In 2000 when MySQL AB licensed its software under the GPL, the choice was made because

the GPL was a license followed and respected by everyone. We have kept to it, because the GPL is the most palatable license, and poses the least friction for our user base.

..MySQL has been part of the GPLv3 Committee B advising FSF since the GPLv3 draft was announced in January 2006. For GPLv3, we have seen fantastic improvements and hope for GPLv3 to spread. Even though my activity level as co-chair for Committee B was by far higher in the spring than what it has been in the past few months,

Despite MySQL AB will keep working with the FSF for GPLv3, as they did from January 2006, they decided that

until we get clear and strong indications for the general acceptance of GPLv3 over GPLv2, we feel comfortable with a specific GPLv2 reference in our license.

Has FSF a problem to obtain broad acceptance of GPLv3?