Java Italian events: JavaDay, third edition, Rome 24-01-2009

Javaday, is the Italian technical event for Java developers, now at its third edition. The Rome JavaDay, that will take place on the 24th of January at the Roma TRE University, is the result of a joint-effort of the Java User Group Roma, the Java Italian Portal and the Java Italian Association.

Mara Marzocchi, one of the volunteers organizing the event, says:

This year’s format will be: quick talks in a short time frame. There will be 30 talks of 40 minutes each, all within 5 hours. More than a hundred of volunteers dedicate their spare time to the organization of the event. It’s a hard job for nearly 7 months, but the result is a success!

Looking at the numbers it must be the truth, considering that the first edition hosted about 700 attendees, and 1100 individuals attended the second edition.

I wish the organizers great success fot the third edition, and I suggest tomorrow’s java developers to take part in the most promising Java event of the next year registering today. Attendance is free of charge and if you are looking for a job bring few copies of your curriculum vitae, sponsors will want a copy.