Open Source Cloud Platforms, Open Source Security, Microsoft’s Customer advices to do not believe in Open Source: commercial open source links, 25-12-2008

Cloud platforms of the future: Hadoop and EucalyptusDave Rosenberg says that Eucalyptus and Hadoop are two of the most interesting open source software of 2008. Even if David is an advisor to Eucalyptus, cloud computing is gaining traction, but apparently Italian legislators are still paying little attention to this phenomenon.

Open Source Security: 10 Commercial Vendors – Who is who of open source security.

Microsoft Gives Businesses Lower TCO Versus Hidden Costs of Open Source – A Microsoft’s customer advices: “[..] don’t believe the hype about open source. It’s seductive, but misleading and could lead a company into a mistake they can ill-afford to make in today’s economy”. I doubt is that simple. TCO and ROI calculations are rarely conducted correctly, according to Forrester research.