Open Source Business Models: Opinions and Predictions from few Thought Leaders

Open source business models must be voluntary says Dana Blankenhorn, disagreeing with Dave Rosenberg, who predicts open source becomes paid in 2009.

Dana believes that open source business models must be voluntary, and I can hardly disagree on this (all in all every business shouldn’t be based on compulsory buys). But open source code is not a commodity, and there is a lot of economic value behind it. Code, open source or not, is not enough.

Appropriating returns from open source may be not easy, though. Matt Asay shows a way of going commercial with proprietary extensions, also inviting customers to contribute back through marketplaces or collaborative initiatives.

I agree with Michael Coté saying that small open source startups will start to consolidate, probably not only them. Brand recognition is important, and it is not going to be reduce its importance because of the economic turmoil. M&A might be of help in this respect, especially if the buyer has already a strong brand.

New open source marketing approaches are likely to take place in 2009, I guess.