Open Standards Conference: IDABC initiative to define a Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications

IDABC, a Community Programme managed by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Informatics, is organizing an Info Day aimed to initiate the collaboration among volunteer Member States in the definition of a “Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications” (CAMSS).

The CAMSS Info Day will be held in Brussels on the 28th of May, and it will be open to discussion with the stakeholders.

The one day event will be organized in the frame of phase 1 of the CAMSS project activities, defining a common set of guidelines for the assessment of standards and specifications based on national best practices.

The morning session will focus on the presentation and the objectives of the project illustrated by Member State use cases; the afternoon session will be dedicated to the presentation of the CAMSS followed by panel discussions on possible following works.

The draft CAMSS will be published on the IDABC website, in June 2008 inviting external stakeholders to comment on it.

If you are interested to attend the CAMSS Info Day, please fill in a call for expression of interest no later than 13 May 2008 – You may download the privacy statement.

Draft agenda: 10h-16h.30

Morning session:

  • Introduction by the Commission
  • Use Cases by some Member States

Afternoon session:

  • CAMSS presentation by the contractor
  • Panel discussions on CAMSS and possible following works


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