Open Source Community Awards: SourceForge Community Choice Awards officially open!

Sourceforge 2008 community awards‘ nominations are officially open, you can now nominate your favorite project, even if it is not enlisted within repository.

Space Invaders TattooSpace Invaders Tattoo by Pythagore Anonymous

I asked Ross Turk more feedback on the program:

Hey! The Community Choice Awards nominations are now open. We’re seeing nominations rolling in from all kinds of projects – lots from and lots from everywhere else. We’re putting the finishing touches on our party planning, and finding new and interesting ways for various other communities to participate in the festivities, and I think it’s going to be really cool. We’ll even be giving away free FOSS-related tattoos. Yeah, real tattoos.

To help our projects campaign, we’ve created a series of “badge” images that can be put on blogs, project web sites, and anywhere else they can reach the members of each project’s community. Users can create a badge for their favorite project by going to and providing some basic information. I think this is important because, honestly, nobody knows how to campaign for these projects more effectively than the users who love them.

Tattoos? I am looking forward to meet hackers at OSCON 2008 going around with tattooed with dolphins or other FOSS-related symbols! 🙂

Disclaimer: I am on Marketplace advisory board.

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