Open Source Community Awards: SourceForge launches the 2008 Community Choice Awards launched the 2008 Community Choice Awards, the third edition of SourceForge awards program it is now open to all FOSS projects, and it includes new categories.

I asked Ross Turk some feedback on the awards:

I’m really excited about this year’s awards – we’re doing some cool new stuff! The big news, of course, is that we’re no longer restricting it to projects, so any FOSS project can be nominated in any category. I think that’s huge.

We have some new categories, too. We’ve pruned the ones from last year that weren’t very popular and added a few new ones that we think will cause people to stop and think.

Also, this is the first year we’ll be selling sponsorships. It’s a way for us to fund a bigger, cooler party, and a way for us to provide our sponsors with good access to one of the coolest communities around.

SourceForge allowing nominations for any open source project, not just those on, it is definitely going to be much more interesting this year. I remember Matt Asay saying that participants had a tenuous grip on what “enterprise” means last year (firebird won), I guess opening will help in this direction.

I am looking forward to see who is going to win the new category “Most Likely to Be the Next $1B Acquisition”..

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