Mandriva at School, Denmark on Open Standards, Brazilian Open Source Procurement, OpenOffice courses: IDABC links

FR: Education Minister encourages Open Source use – Last month Mandriva and the French Ministry of Education agreed on a 60 percent discount for the purchase of the commercial version of the free software for all teachers and staff at France’s schools and universities. Austria too has plan to increase open source usage at school.

DK: Committee appointed to evaluate impact of Open Standards – The Danish government appointed five experts to evaluate the implementation of Open Standards in the country. The committee is part of a study requested earlier by the Danish Parliament. I hope Italy will soon consider similar investigations.

DE: Munich GNU/Linux desktop selects European Open Source licence – The development team of the most told migration project believes that having selected the EUPL will help other Open Source developers to implement and use their work. EUPL is one year old, but this project migration started back in 2003: what is going on?

Brazilian government lists preferred Open Source applications -The list is intended to prevent equivalent software solutions from being developed several times. Public managers should check out the portal before starting a new software development project, and if a solution exists the procurement can then be adapted to improve on that software project. It sounds a great idea, maybe the Italian Government could consider a similar policy.

LV: City council to provide OpenOffice courses – The city council of Ogre is providing free training for OpenOffice, an Open Source suite of office applications, to improve the competitiveness of the local businesses and boost the performance of the local government.

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