European Open Source License: Happy Birthday EUPL!

The European Union Public License is one year old now. The EUPL License, created by the European Commission to release software as Open Source, is available in all official EU languages (English, French and German).

Life in vitroLife in vitro by IRRI Images

Upon invitation of the IDABC Programme, legal experts and OSS practitioners from across Europe have met on 25 January 2008 in Brussels to discuss their experiences with the EUPL.

Reading the workshop presentation, I learned that the European Commission understands very well how difficult is to turn the in-vitro conception into a living reality. About 50 lawyers were involved in the legal quality verification of the various linguistic versions of the license, but only CIRCA, IPM and eLINK were actually distributed under the EUPL license.

The European Community is definitely not a software house. We might better spend our resources on different goals, but maybe we need more time to give up on trying to get EUPL acceptance.

I wish a more pragmatic Europe, now.

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