Apache OpenOffice.org 3.4: Download it Now!

apache_openoffice_logoThe Apache OpenOffice.org project announced the availability of OpenOffice.org 3.4, see the new features and improvement in the Release Notes. You might get the gist of some of the new features looking at the Apache OpenOffice SourceForge video, featured also on FeatherCast.

Apache OpenOffice 3.4 main new features:

  • word processing, spreadsheets, presentation graphics, databases, drawing, and mathematical editing applications support for Windows, Linux (32-bit and 64-bit) and Macintosh operating environments
  • native language support for English, Arabic, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Galician, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
  • improved ODF support, including new ODF 1.2 encryption options and new spreadsheet functions
  • enhanced pivot table support in Calc
  • enhanced graphics, including line caps, shear transformations and native support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • improvements in performance and quality

Download it now!