How to Select Open Source Software and Joomla! – Rome, 4th of June 2012

The next Focus Group Open Source meeting will focus on how to select open source software and the case for Joomla!

After a walk through topics like Social Media and Open Data, it’s time to get back to our roots. This time to talk about Joomla! we invited Ryan Ozimek, one of the leading world Joomla! experts, former President of Open Source Matters and CEO and founder of PICnet Inc, a company that develops innovative solutions for public and nonprofit organizations around the world.

The event will feature also Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona’s keynote about how to evaluate and select open source software. Barahona is Professor at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid and founder of Bitergia, a startup that specializes in the development of open source projects.

For more information and to sign up for the event, see the Focus Group Open Source blog.