Telcos enjoy Open Source

In the last years we have been seeing open source adoption getting popular by telcos.
In my entrepreneurial experience telco operators use open source infrastructures to achieve a competitive advantage through customization; viable OS projects in this respect are freeRADIUS, OpenLDAP and Squid, just to name a few.

Beyond my experiences I noticed MySQL is doing very well in the telco arena, and the SCOPE alliance, founded by Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola, NEC, Nokia and Siemens to

enable and promote the availability of open carrier grade base platforms based on COTS hw/sw and FLOSS building blocks

has almost one year now.

Also Telecom Italia has recently revealed its strategical approach to open source, showing an interest in developing enabling ecosystems based on OS community.

There are even new generation companies, like Tellme , build almost completely on open source, read the full story.