2008 year in review, by Thorsten Ziehm : What was done in 2008 – One year in review. About incoming issues in IssueTracker.

12752 issues were reported in sum, Defects are 9388 (74%) issues, Feature and Enhancements 1981 (15%) issues and the rest are patches and tasks with 1383 (11%) issues. (More about integrated patches you can find in this blog).

These numbers say that 25% of all reported defects and 52% of all reported features and enhancements aren’t addressed until now. In sum more than 3000 issues (~27%) aren’t addressed. If this is a good or a bad number, I cannot say. I do not have the comparison with other bigger products until now. But I know that with OOo 3.0.1 and OOo 3.1 the quality will and should be increased. So stay tuned for these releases.

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