Open Innovation Awards: XWiki

XWiki logoThe Open World Forum has concluded and it was another great success. The “Open Innovation Awards” this year have been awarded to the following companies:  Disruptive Innovations (for the BlueGriffon project), Jaspersoft, Obeo (for the Acceleo project), Talend and XWiki.

SOS Open Source today had a closer look at XWiki, below a small excerpt of the analysis.

SOS Open Source analyzed XWiki, the open-source Java wiki platform maintained by the homonymous company, born in France in 2004 and now based in France and Romania.

Let’s start from the source code. XWiki code base is stable and mature. While the are no books specialized on XWiki, there are few books covering XWiki basics and case-studies available (also from 3rd parties).

XWiki popularity compares well to others in its class, despite the news volume is low.

More about XWiki evaluation at SOS Open Source.