SourceForge New Site On Line!

SourceForge few days ago served its 4 billionth download and today launched the new website. The new UI is the answer to inputs from project administrators asking for an easier path for users to download their software.

I asked Jon Sobel, SourceForge Inc. Group President, his opinion about this change:

This is a significant change for the SourceForge site.  In addition to a more engaging visual experience for both developers and consumers, at a deeper technology level, we now have a modern, flexible platform to serve our community.  We are looking forward to realizing its full potential in the months ahead.

newsfSourceForge new User Interface

With the new UI newbies may find open source software running on Windows at first glance. I am looking forward to ear end users’ first impressions, kudos to the SourceForge crew keeping innovating.

[Disclosure: I am advisor to SourceForge]