An ODF Plugfest a Day Take the Doctor Away

The Dutch government is showing the way to go: the Minister for Foreigng Trade Frank Heemskerk opened the now famous ODF Plugfest saying that a joint course of action for developing effective ODF support in each other’s products is needed.

Last week the Italian government announced a joint effort with Sun Microsystems to foster the use of StarOffice by local public administrations, but the press release doesn’t mention either ODF or open standards. Improvements are needed, the lack of a European coherent strategic vision towards standards’ compliance.

The upcoming Con 2009 will take place in Orvieto (Italy) in November, and ist seems to me the ideal place to run a second ODF Plugfest within our ODF Interoperability Day. Over these days I’m contacting people from different organizations that might be interested in joining us at the OOo Con 2009, stay tuned to know more!

To know more about the ODF Plugfest search for odfplugfest on twitter or go through blog entries on the subject.