Enterprise Open Source Directory Establishes Advisory Board

The EOS directory, the list of enterprise open source applications launched two years ago by Optaros, has recently been handed over to Bruno von Rotz, initial sponsor of the initiative and well known open source specialist.

Today has been announced the EOS Directory Board, established over the last weeks by Bruno von Rotz to strengthen the neutral approach to ratings and selection of free software technologies.

EOS enlists and rates about 250 different packages, providing relevant information on applications for enterprise environments has become a source of reference to reduce search and open source selection costs.

Many lists and directories of open source software packages are available today: some help end users to find open source alternatives to well-known products, others analyze projects’ data and metrics.

EOS originally was designed to bridge the gap between organizations and a large part of the open source world, not participating in expensive and time-consuming RFP processes.

The EOS approach is unique: EOS providing expert and user ratings, case studies and forums makes easier software selection based on functionality, community backing, project trend and maturity of technology.

Establishing an advisory and expert board with international open source experts and specialists EOS aims to become more influential, enlarging its community of visitors and input contributors.

Initial members of the EOS Directory Advisory and Expert Board include Aleksander Farstad, Cédric Walter, David Nüscheler, Gianugo Rabellino, Roberto Galoppini, Hannes Gassert, Hans Waarle, Joel Gardet, Matt Asay, Matthias Geisler, Michael Hanisch, Olivier Pépin, Raju Bitter, Ralf Hauser, Seth Gottlieb, Stephen Walli and Tiberiu Fustos, representing user and provider communities as well as expert audiences. During the next months the EOS Directory Platform will also be rejuvenated and updated to even better support Enterprises and Organizations in need for Open Source technologies’ selection and evaluation help.

Few weeks ago when asked by the organizers of the Working Capital Barcamp Tour – the Italian flavor of the O’Reilly Ignite events – to present an idea showing 20 slides in five minutes, I gave a speech on open source low-end disruption. The idea of my talk (video, in Italian) was to bring to the attention of the audience how a collaborative effort to maintain a list of good enough OSS packages is needed. Few days later I have been given the chance to be part of the EOS board, something I can hardly try not to see it as sign that “all things happen by fate and the future follows the past by an unchangeable necessity” (Cicerone, de natura deorum).

About EOS Directory: EOS Directory is the leading online platform to help enterprises and organizations identify and evaluate Open Source technologies. In addition to the EOS Directory in English, there’s also a German language PDF catalogue based on the same information, published under http://www.opensourcekatalog.com.