Assistive Open Source Software, Pardus Linux Distro, SourceForge adds Piwik: links 25-11-2008

UK: Open Source Assistive technology collections launched – “AccessAT” is a collection of Open Source and freeware solutions for meeting the needs of disabled people wanting to use a computer, while “AccessFun” is a pen drive offering over 50 applications to entertain and amuse kids of any ability.

The Turkish Pardus Linux Distribution – Pardus is a Turkish Linux distribution created by the Turkish National Research Institute for Electronics and Cryptology and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. Pardus is known for its simplified and fast boot process, its customized YALI installer and the PiSi package manager. The Ministry of Defense, with all its departments is deploying Pardus on more than 5000 workstations and more than 1000 servers. Read the news and learn more about this European Linux distro, apparently more interesting than the over-mentioned Limux Project in Munich.

piwik Open Source web analytics added to Hosted Apps 2008-11-21 – SourceForge launched the piwik Open Source web analytics application as part of their Hosted Apps offering. Projects and users can opt-in to use piwik, and obtain analytics for their web traffic by tagging their pages in Project Web, Developer Web, or an externally-hosted website.