Open Source Government, OpenInterface, Open Source Fat Check, Open Source Business Models, RedMonk screencasting: links 18-12-2007

SI: Establishment of the Slovenian Open Source Center – An Open Source Center has been established in Slovenia to provide consulting and support services to end users as well as to design solutions for both the public and private sector. The Centre is managed by a consortium of companies and non-profit organisations and operates through a call center and a helpdesk service. Operations will be partly covered from sales of services on the market and possible European Funds.

What’s the Use of Free Software? Glyn Moody observes that the hottest are in computer today are dominated by the use of open source software.

Magnolia 3.5 CE Now Final – Magnolia Community edition is out. Differences between Enterprise and Community Edition are:

Magnolia’s Site Designer (a WYSIWYG editor for developing display templates), a JSR-168 (portlet spec) connector, the option to use Day’s CRX rather than Apache JackRabbit for a repository, and, of course, the ability to buy support.

The OpenInterface Program– The OpenInterface platform, an open source project conceived to integrate components developed in different programming languages.

Moderated screencasting from RedMonk: Check it out – RedMonk’s “moderated screen-casting” rocks!

About Open Source Fat check How could I possibly miss this new blog analyzing blog postings about open source and doing some basic fact-checking? A must read, thanks to Luis Villa.

Fleury Gets an office – Savio reporting Fleury making public he became an advisor for Appcelarator, started an interesting conversation on Open Source business models shifting.

Movable Type Open Source – Finally Movable Type IS open source! Meme for my friend and Free Software Advocate Arturo Di Corinto – who authored many books about free software and free knowledge – maybe he is interested to get back to Movable Type now..