Open Source Marketing: Italian bloggers met Bruce Perens

Last Friday some Italian bloggers met Bruce Perens, it was a trial of running an open source awareness meeting to get in touch to individuals outside our network.

In Italy Open Source is experiencing a clique phenomenon, and there is a need for hubs to be in place in other areas. I asked Nicola Mattina, an Italian known blogger with a wide professional experience in Communication and new media, to help me to organize the event.

Italian bloggers meet Bruce Perens Italian bloggers meet Bruce Perens by Roldano De Persio

Here the list of bloggers at the event: Alessio Jacona (corporate blogging), Luca Sartoni (free software activist), Leo Sorge (journalist), Francesco Romeo, Massimiliano Mirra (developer), Tara Kelly (entrepreneur and designer), Roldano De Persio (marketing and photographer), Fabio Masetti (IT freelance), Andrea Martines (web accessibility expert), Nicola Mattina and myself.

Bruce gave a speech introducing himself and his job over the last twenty years, getting a chance to tell people about his relationship with his previous and actual employer, with his customers, but also about freedom and democracy.

Among non-open source topics covered, it is worth to mention the network neutrality and the importance of bloggers independence, and his invite to work hard to keep the Internet for everyone.

I wish to thank Bruce Perens, who kindly welcomed the idea to meet Italian bloggers, Ernst & Young who guested our informal meeting by its office in Rome and, last but not least, all participants that made it a reality.

I hope it to be the first meeting of a long series, and I agree with Roldano saying that in its simplicity it was a great thing: a get-together of bloggers, Internet citizens eager to know more and talk about a phenomenon that is changing our daily life.

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