Open Source Links: 13-06-2007

Should I become an Industry Analyst? – James wisely observes that open source analysis has still to address some open issues to get more powerful, and he calls for action: I am here!

CMS Deployment Patterns – “Baking” vs “Frying” in the CMS arena, I hope Seth will keep posting on this subject telling us which Open Source CMS suites better for those scenarios.

Thoughts on the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Project – Alex talks about Ubuntu extending its brand into the unwired arena. Will it work, eventually?

US Patent Office to Try ‘Open Source’ ApproachWill you work for free (as in beer) to help patent examiners do their job? Apparently Microsoft, Red Hat, IBM, HP, CA, and General Electric are backing Professor Beth Simone Noveck.s efforts for the formation of a Community Patent Review project.

The Open Source Business Meme – Inspirational guidelines for open source firms: three to avoid, three to embrace, by Stephen o’grady.

Where do I download OpenSolaris”? – Good hints Simon from Ian Murdock, have a look!