SourceForge Global Performance Testing Program is wanting to make sure performance of the site from various locations on the globe is fast. As Europe is a major source of traffic to the site, they are seeking testers in Italy.

Daniel Hinojosa, Support Senior Manager, kindly asked me to spread the word, read below his message.

We would like to get about 5 testers in different locations in Italy to participate in a program that will pay testers $10.00 USD per month for 6 months. In exchange, testers will once a week visit 3 web pages on and submit data to directly. is using beaconing technology that is available via Firebug. Users need to do some minor configuration and then submit their results over the internet. The first 5 testers from geographically diverse areas of Italy will be accepted to the program.

Anyone may test outside of the program and provide data to Just follow the directions provided here:

As for tools needed, users need to use Firefox 3.5, the Firebug plugin, and our open source Beacon software.

Once the beacon is installed, there is a simple configuration (about:config) to set for the plugin to report the data to Then, enable Firebug, and load a page. Once that finishes loading, send the data to us by clicking the Send to button. That’s it!

Daniel created also a demonstration video on youtube. For more information on this program, or to join the testing program, please contact Daniel Hinojosa –