Open Source Hackers: the Italian blogosphere meets Bruce Perens!

The Italian blogosphere is invited to participate next Friday in a meeting with Bruce Perens, author of the Open Source Definition and well-known open source advocate.

Open Source awareness is risking to be a clique phenomenon, resulting in open source advocates talking each other. Bruce Perens kindly welcomed the idea to meet Italian influencers to the Open Source.

Bruce Perens Bruce Perens by GeorgeNemeth

Bruce Perens will introduce himself telling us about his life as hacker, and we might learn from his voice about all different phases of the open source adoption.

To join the meeting, scheduled for 10 a.m. (GMT+1) you just need to subscribe on pbwiki or upcoming setup by Nicola Mattina, who is helping me to make it happen.

On Saturday I will also moderate the Commercial Open Source Software panel where Bruce will held the keynote speech, if you are an IT entrepreneur that is the place for you!

Ernst & Young will guest our meeting by its office in Rome, Via dei Villini 13/15, many thanks to Andrea Paliani to make it possible.
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