Open Source Links: 07-06-2007

Introducing Office Excel and PowerPoint Translators – M2 is available now, the post includes also the roadmap, published in .doc format!

Standalone open source software market reaches £900m – The standalone market was worth £900m last year, with further acceleration in take up expected this year, said analyst IDC.

Welcome to MTOS: the Movable Type Open Source Project – The Movable Type Open Source Project was announced in conjunction with the launch of the last beta. OpenLogic reports that many in the blogosphere have said that Six Apart has been forced to move to open source because its largest competitor is open source. I am among them, blog platforms basically are a SaaS business.

Anti-GPLv3 campaign has started – The latest draft of GPLv3 is out of the door, the anti-GPLv3 pieces start coming in, FSFE says.

Open Source Hiring – This is good time to be an open source developer, have a look at Considerati’s job opportunities!

Project Indiana: The Q&A – Stephen O’grady thinks Indiana is precisely the kind of change that’s needed to make OpenSolaris an option where it’s not today.