Coalition to End Software Patents, File Format War, Open Source Principles: links 01-03-2008

Groups united to End Software Patents – A coalition to end software patents is born, I wish them all the best!

Free, Open Software Supporters Advocate Against Microsoft Document Standard – Carlo Piana questioned whether Microsoft’s Open Specification Promise is fully enforceable and whether the language was too vague to be effective. Want to ask him more about it.
Here in Geneva: Refreshing Honesty, questionable tactics – about lobbying in the file format war.

How open source has influenced Windows Server 2008 – Sam Ramji on open source principles (via slashdot).

More good stuff from Sun’s ERC conference – Chris Coppola on Sun’s ERC conference, I am sorry I missed Kuali‘s session.

Executive moves: Shaun Connolly leaves Red Hat -  Matt Asay says that Red Hat has finally digested JBoss and is on track to reap the rewards from that acquisition.