Open Source Events: Bruce Perens and Richard Stallman in Rome

The Innovation Festival, that will be held in Rome from the 6th till the 10th of June, will guest people from all around the world to talk about traditional and also unconventional routes to innovation. Richard Stallman and Bruce Perens will attend.

Bruce Perens Bruce Perens by GeorgeNemeth

Over the four days meeting, organized by LAit (Lazio Technological Innovation) I would recommend free software and open source enthusiasts to save the following two dates:

8th of June, 8 pm: Free Software between Ethics and Business, open issues and success storiesAuditorium Ara Pacis, moderated by Arturo Di Corinto.

9th of June, 10 am: Commercial Open Source Software (Panel) – Auditorium Ara Pacis, moderated by Roberto Galoppini. Bruce Perens, SourceLabs Vice President and Author of the Open Source Definition, will introduce the debate. Among panel participants Carlo Daffara (CIRS), Gabriele Ruffatti (Engineering), Pier Paolo Boccadamo (Microsoft), and Franco Roman (Sun).

A Q&A session with the audience will follow, everyone is invited.

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