Dr Open Source – how I learned to stop worrying and love the GPL –

A couple of weeks ago professor Maria Lillà Montagnani invited me to give a speech along with Pierpaolo Boccadamo, head of Microsoft’s Platform Strategy by the Italian subsidiary, by Bocconi private University.

I have already met Boccadamo when I took part to the Microsoft’s “Linux&Open Source Briefing” partner program as open source expert, and I was already used to openly discuss with him about technical ed economical differences of the proprietary and open source models.

I spent part of the weekend to prepare my slides, and I was looking forward to listen to sudents’ questions to my statements and suggestions. The slideshow was starting with a picture of the famous movie Dr StrangeLove, a little parody I did to get their attention. After a brief introduction I got into the heart of the argument, talking about organizational economics aspects and other issues about innovation.
To my suprise no questions were raised up when I was speaking firms and communities relationships, neither when I talked about disruptive innovation, and how it affects incumbents’ market leadership, nor when I mentioned sequential innovation and technology club partecipation.

Than Boccadamo spoke about Google, Microsoft strategy, and many other things.
Again, no question from the public.

If Picasso was definitely right saying that:

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.

What about a class without questions?