CRM: SugarCRM in Indian sauce, VtigerCRM

While reading SugarCRM press release, announcing they reached more than 1,000 paying customers since the first edition released in September 2004, I rembered about vitger CRM.

Vtiger CRM, derived by SugarCRM, is an Open Source CRM software mainly for small and medium businesses, where SugarCRM began serving SMEs but than has established large enterprise customers.

Vtiger CRM is based on LAMP, it’s completely open source and it comes along with extensions for Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook Plug-in for Outlook users and, Microsoft Office Plug-in for Word users.

I didn’t find any real benchmarking or comparison, but someone saying is good and someonelse saying is bad. Whatever is the future of Vtiger CRM, it’s interesting notice that has happened with the Red Hat-Oracle case, a weak intellectual property asset is risky, from many different angles

Vtiger CRM is built over a LAMP stack, along with SugarCRM, gdwin32 graphic library, PHPMailer, ADOdb,phpSysinfo and, last but not least, modifications to the SugarCRM code under a different license, named vtiger Public License 1.1, based on Mozilla Public License (MPL); others applications developed by Vitger external to SugarCRM code are under MPL. Apparently its license has been verified, since it’s listed by the FSF Directory.