Italian Government: IDABC cites the Open Letter asking Clarifications about Open Source Funds

IDABC – a Community programme managed by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Informatics – among open source news cited our open letter to the Italian Minister for Reform and Innovation.

IT: Ministry asked to clarify spending on Open Source

Italian Open Source developers are asking the Ministry for Reform and Innovation to clarify how it spent 10 million euro earmarked for Open Source projects last year.

A public letter was sent last week, requesting the ministry to list on which projects the money was spent.

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I am looking forward to see reactions from the ministry, even if over these hours open source can not to be a priority for the Italian government.

IDABC, what it does.

IDABC issues recommendations, develops solutions and provides services that enable national and European administrations to communicate electronically while offering modern public services to businesses and citizens in Europe.
The programme also provides financing to projects addressing European policy requirements, thus improving cooperation between administrations across Europe.