Upcoming GNOME events

The Boston Summit. The Boston Summit is GNOME’s annual event in the United States. This primarily technical event will be held at MIT Sloan over Columbus Day weekend, October 11-13. The Boston Summit has no fixed agenda but focuses on getting developers together to “get things done”; most of the non-coding events will focus on interactive discussion and planning of new features and releases. There will be several hackfests held at the same time around GNOME technologies like the desktop GUI, introspection, etc. For more information see http://live.gnome.org/Boston2008.

GNOME.Asia. This is our first annual GNOME event in Asia and we are very excited to announce that we are expecting 300 people to attend in Beijing China the weekend of September 19-20. This event will serve as an opportunity for our developers in Asia to get together as well as an opportunity to introduce more people, especially students, to the open source world and the GNOME community. For more information see http://www.gnome.asia/.