Interoperability gets hot in Europe, Bringing the Computer to the Elderly: links 25-09-2008

IT: ESIIG 2 – 2nd European Summit on Interoperability in the iGovernment – , during ESIIG 2, the second European Summit on Interoperability in the iGovernment, the iG 2.0 Award will be given. Since the award will recognize the most outstanding action or initiative in the field of interoperability, I am eager to read the finalists list.

FR: Connecting Public Services Communities -  The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), on the occasion of the presentation of the exclusive edition of the European Review of Political Technologies, is organizing an half day event dedicated to Cross-Border Interoperability. The event is open, those interested are invited to send an informal email to indicating their interest in participating.

IT/EU: Eldy releases Linux version – Eldy is a java platform enabling seniors to use email, a browser and other everyday applications in a GUI with big labels in a friendly language. Until now Eldy was available only for Microsoft Windows. The just released Eldy Linux (beta) runs on Debian/Ubuntu environments, but unfortunately is not open source. Considered the project size and keeping in mind that is funded by the EC, an open source licensing was highly recommended.