Open Source Conference: OSCON 2008 is coming!

OSCON 2008 – the biggest open source convention in the world run by O’Reilly, celebrating this year its 10th anniversary, – will take place in Portland next week, bringing together more than 2500 professionals from all over the world.

The convention includes 40 technology tutorials and over 400 sessions focusing on many different topics, ranging from business to security and Web Applications, along with a new event dedicated to open source mobile (Open Mobile Exchange).

OSCON 2008

Only few people from Europe will join OSCON 2008, among them Cedric Thomas (OW2 consortium), Stefano Maffulli (Funambol Community), Pierre Baudracco (Linagora) and Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Training and Consulting).

I am looking forward to follow the Participate 08 session, aimed at exploring the issues and opportunities presented by community development, in particular the themes of hybrid models. On Tuesday I won’t miss Mark Shuttleworth‘s keynote, and I am definitely sorry that I’ll fly away before Chris DiBona‘s google open source update talk, on Wednesday.

If you are planning to stay at OSCON on Wednesday don’t miss Open Source Software Economics, Standards, and IP in One Lesson by Stephen Walli, and Open Source / Open World on Thursday, moderated by Danese Cooper. Last but not least I suggest you to follow Does Open Source Need to Be “Organic”?, a session following the now famous Theodore’s post on the subject.

I will be covering the event writing articles for Italian ICT magazines, see you there!

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