Open Source Systems Management: some pieces that caught my eye at Hyperic

Hyperic, the provider of open source web infrastructure management software, announced the availability of the beta of CloudStatus, a tool providing an independent view of how works the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Stacey Schneider, senior director of marketing, after being interviewed introduced me to Jeremy Hogan, who just joined Hyperic as Director of Community Management. Since recently I started speculating on community and sponsored projects, I asked him to talk a little bit about Hyperic’s approach to open source communities.

Hyperic at this point falls into the bee keeper model, where the majority of the code comes form the company, but I also have a few years of experience at Red Hat, where the bulk of the code comes from the upstream so I can talk about that model as well.

Really, the community is still a community whether you have corporate interests or commerce driving innovation. Just like the wild west was eventually tamed and settled. Saloons became four star hotels and a rocky chunk of desert became LA.

I am likely to meet Jeremy at OSCON, so I’ll keep all my questions about how lucrative coopetition can boost Hyperic’s business and his opinion about GroundWork’s attitude to be involved in the coordination of some inter-projects collaborations.

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