BlogLab, Learn From Bloggers

BlogLab is a laboratory course held by Stefano Epifani and Antonio Sofi at the University of Rome, Faculty of Communication Science. BlogLab introduces students to blogging and how to blog, allowing students to learn by doing through face-to-face and on line discussions with fellows.

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BlogLab is at its second edition, the course aims at helping neo-bloggers to manage their blog with the aid of experienced bloggers for a period of time. A jury will evaluate the works produced, and the winners will eventually get an internship opportunity by selected companies.

Last year 60 students participated to the course, 50 blogs were opened and managed by the students and 7 companies offered an ad hoc internship program.

This year I am going myself to be a fellow instructor, along with many well-known Italian bloggers like my friends Nicola Mattina, Diego Bianchi and Antonio Pavolini who I just met yesterday afternoon when I got there.

Happy blogging!

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