Open Standards People, Alfresco’s pricing, Firefox Hyperwords plugin: links 25-05-2008

Caroline Arms on digital formats for digital long-term preservationJon Udell met Carolina Arms. Caroline works on the American Memory project at the Library of Congress. The Library participates in standardization efforts such as PDF/A and Office Open XML. By the way, I hope that the Italian association will join the ISO/IEC JTC1 working group to participate in ODF maintenance.

Alfresco and E2CM – Is Alfresco priced too high as a framework for building custom applications? Probably it depends on where you are coming from…

Firefox Plugins: Hyperwords – All the text on the web becomes richly interactive – Learn how to translate web pages on the fly using Hyperwords plugin.

WordPress Birthday Party – WordPress next Tuesday will be five years old.To celebrate they are throwing a party in San Francisco at 111 Minna, starting at 9PM. Get the full details and RSVP on or on Facebook.