Open Source Marketing: Support GNOME Cause is Live!

The GNOME Marketing team has just launched the Support GNOME cause on Facebook, to allow people to support the GNOME Foundation and help the GNOME Free Software Desktop Project.

After the Friend of GNOME Program recently launched, today the Support GNOME cause went live.

Stormy Peters, GNOME Executive Director, says:

GNOME’s goal is to a free and open source desktop available to everyone, regardless of their ability. Our new Friends of GNOME program enables more people to support that goal – they can make a one time donation or they can sign up for $10/month support. With the launch of the GNOME Facebook Cause, we want to reach out to a larger audience and connect with them in a place where they can tell their friends about the causes (like free software) that they find important.

Join the Support GNOME cause, and spread the word!

About Causes application.
Causes application
– built by Project Agape, co-founded by Sean Parker and Joe Green – provides the tools to leverage your network of friends to effect positive change, automatically processing donations and reporting the donation activity via a public “scorecard” in the cause.