GNOME Foundation: Friends of GNOME Program is Live!

The Friends of GNOME website is live! The Friends of GNOME program is a way for individuals to help the GNOME Foundation to pursue 2009 goals.

Back in 2000 the GNOME project established to start the foundation to provide a structure and support to achieve project’s goals in a timely manner, to effectively integrate new citizens into the community and to publicly voice the decisions of the GNOME project.

Recently the GNOME Foundation appointed Stormy Peters as GNOME Executive Director, and now – besides bringing on board new members – she took care of launching the new program.

People are really excited. The GNOME project has a really strong supporter base and they’ve been looking for an opportunity like this to support the GNOME Foundation and spread the word about free software and GNOME.

Consider signing up for Friends of GNOME, and spread the word!