Microsoft Italy launches Mclips

Yesterday Microsoft announced Mclips, an open blog to discuss with Microsoft Italy employees about technology & lifestyle, job opportunities and Microsoft’s initiatives.

Jan van den BeldJan van den Beld by Digital PR

About 30-40 Microsoft’s employees will be involved in this communication project, as explained Carlo Rossanigo introducing the new blogging platform.

Unfortunately we couldn’t play with Mclips during the event, but I happened to speak with Mario Derba, Microsoft Italy CEO, about the future of Microsoft’s distribution channel, as reported by my friend Andrea Genovese (7th floor Director).

I told Pierpaolo Boccadamo, head of Microsoft’s Platform Strategy by the Italian subsidiary, that we are looking forward to see Microsoft opening the Italian Open Source Software Lab (a sort of Port25 Lab).

Last but not least I am glad Microsoft invited Jan van den Beld, the Secretary General of Ecma International. I had a chance to speak with about standardization bodies, OpenXML and many other issues. More on this soon.

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