Open Source Webinars: Alfresco, MindTouch, OpenLogic

SIDE, graphical tools for Alfresco developers – The webinar will show how to use SIDE graphical environment to build an Alfresco application. SIDE, which stands for Sustainable IDE, is an open source project (GPL v3) founded by BlueXML, software publisher and technological Alfresco partner. You will find more information on Bluexml and SIDE on their websites.
December 08 2009 12:00 AM EST

Down with Stagnant Corporate Intranets – MindTouch will show you how to replace your intranet with a Collabortive Network.
December 9 2009 11:00 AM PST

Top 10 Ways to Stretch Your Budget by Using More Open Source Software in 2010 – This webinar will explore the process of enterprise open source software adoption from the perspective of three key stakeholders within the typical organization: developers, architects, and CIOs.
December 9 2009 7:00 PM GMT