Italian Startups: a Bridge to Silicon Valley

Mind the Bridge” is an opportunity for Italian entrepreneurs to present their ideas to a core group of experienced executives and potential investors in the Silicon Valley.

bridgeA useful bridge by petetaylor

The initiative – see also the full video of the event presentation, guested by Cisco – is led by Marco Marinucci (blog), a Google executive and affiliate member of First Generation Network, is aimed at aiding Italian entrepreneurs to get funds in Silicon Valley to build their own startups.

Fabrizio Capobianco is going to be in the selection committee, so Open Source Entrepreneurs can hope to be welcomed enthusiastically! 😉

Be fast, the deadline to present your business plan is the 21th of December, there are only seven seats on board!

I take the chance to meme some friends to spread the word, I know them all are interested in Venture Capital (Alessio Iacona, Amanda Lorenzani, Andrea Genovese, Fabio Masetti, Leo Sorge, Nicola Mattina, Roldano De Persio, Stefano Maffulli, Tara Kelly).

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